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The firm remains to run 11 swimming pools across the city of Atlanta. - DeKalb Region's biggest and also most popular swimming establishment continued to be closed for a second day on Wednesday.

However it does shows up the recent events in DeKalb County are on the city of Atlanta's radar.

Business in DeKalb near drowning has Atlanta contract

See claims lifeguard at county pool couldn't swim

Atlanta to look for proposals on lifeguard contract

Atlanta has actually contracted with U.S.A Pools considering that 2012 Safety, the speaker said, is the leading concern.

DeKalb County authorities state UNITED STATE Pools did not have qualification records on 16 from 50 guards at Browns Mill, and 11Alive has actually revealed comparable concerns about insufficient lifeguard training in Columbus, Douglasville and Brookhaven.

On Wednesday, a city of Atlanta speaker claimed, "The City has experienced functional concerns with this vendor in the previous, as well as has actually taken care of those problems proactively, but has actually not experienced the life safety issues determined by other communities in Georgia.". A contract specifies that the city pays USA Swimming pools regarding $700,000 a year for lifeguards and pool management.

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As reported Tuesday, the Browns Mill Aquatic Family Center shut after the county canceled its contract with UNITED STATE Pools, the company responsible for staffing the pool's lifeguards.

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11Alive Personnel, WXIA 7:03 p.m. EDT July 29, 2015

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The speaker went on to state parks and leisure authorities have actually raised examination over Atlanta swimming pools since a June near-drowning case in DeKalb, as well as the city plans to invite various other companies to bid on the city of Atlanta lifeguard contract in the near future.